HQ21 Balcony Travel Trailer
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HQ21 Balcony 

Blackseries Off-Road 21ft Travel Trailer

Switch around by your mood

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Suitable for All Seasons
No Fear of Cold & Heat

External length
27.04 ft
Net weight
8,036 lbs
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Switch Freely
at Will

180° view of all the beautiful landscape with
the rear- opening multifunctional balcony.

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Exterior Designed
For Off-Road

Breakthrough RV design with perfectly integrated off-road genes makes the exterior more suitable for off-road exploration.

Pull-Out High-Heat Burner

Two 9-hole high-heat burners equip the HQ21 for outdoor cooking.
The burners feature a wind-proof design to make cooking in the wild easier.

Remote Controlled Electric Awning

Outdoor 13 ft remote controlled electric awning protects you from sunlight and rain,
providing a leisure space for outdoor relaxation.

Rear Opening Multifunctional
Balcony Design

Easily converted for entertainment and leisure, bringing you closer to nature. Opposite
pure leather function decks offer a 180° view of all the beautiful landscape. At the
back door you can set up the viewing platform or the fishing platform as you like.

Three-Burner Stove

HQ21 Balcony houses a three-burner stove and a meg50k-5 6 gal. Microwave oven, which make daily cooking on the road more convenient.

Independent Shower And Toilet

Independent Shower And Toilet

HQ21 has a bathroom with a dry and a wet area.
The toilet and shower are situated separately.
High-End Sofa

High-End Sofa

High-End sofa provides passengers with a comfortable zone,
improving the quality of life in the RV.
Ergonomic Mattress

Ergonomic Mattress

The double bed features an ergonomically designed mattress.

Stereophonic Sound System

HQ21 Balcony is equipped with independent-control sound systems for indoor and outdoor use. the outdoor system is waterproof. these systems have been upgraded with hivi speakers featuring super bass to create stereo sound around the camper.

Hardcore Off-Road Body

HQ21 Balcony's sleek lines and angular design demonstrate the hard-core off-road style while reducing wind resistance and maintaining RV stability.

Extended OutdoorLiving Support

Thanks to the expansive solar panels and extra-large water tank design, HQ21 Balcony provides outstanding support for extended living in the wild.

Flexible Solar Panel
Power Supply System
Water Tank System
Armored Chassis for Off-Road

Armored Chassis for Off-Road

The armored chassis features significant corrosion resistance and water-proofing, improving its durability and water-crossing performance.
Off-Road Independent Suspension System

Off-Road Independent Suspension System

Each wheel of the HQ21 is equipped with an off-road independent suspension system, providing excellent shock absorption and increased stability, ensuring powerful all-terrain passability. Wherever the front of the vehicle goes, the trailer always follows.
400AH Battery

400AH Battery

HQ21 uses 400AH batteries to supply stable power.
Five-Star Safety Standard

Five-Star Safety Standard

The RV adopts an all-aluminum frame, which makes the body tougher, lighter, and significantly more resistant to oxidation.

Blackseries Off-Road RV

It is our vision to make the RV a safe, accessible, and comfortable mobile living space. From exterior to interior, suspension system to armored chassis, power system to water tank, the Blackseries HQ21 Balcony has achieved unparalleled off-road capability and long-term living support in the wild, bringing a safe and comfortable travel experience to every passenger.

All-Round Lighting

Hq21 Balcony features clearance lights, tail lights, license plate lights, 2 × wide-angle outdoor lights, 2 × outdoor spot lights, and a singular outdoor solar light.The outdoor solar motion sensor light utilizes an independent solar panel for charging, making it environment-friendly and battery-free. The all-round lighting system offers a dazzling effect whether it is running during the day or at night.

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